After watching an episode of Lifetime Tv’s “Bring It”, a reality show about a competitive youth majorette dance team from Jackson, MS, Dancing Dolls, an Instagram page Pretty Brown Dancers was created to show pictures and videos of pretty and talented Brown dancers of color.  Our television screens are over-saturated with many reality TV shows which is beginning to be known as fake and scripted. However, the ones that are closely scrutinized, are the ones that feature women of color that commit verbal and physical assault among their cast members.  But many have considered Bring It to be ratchet but it is all due to stereotype and here is why.

Just because Dianna Williams is a black woman and yells at her dancers (as most dance teachers of all races do) does not make her RATCHET!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a wife, mom, and dance teacher who has came from a tumultuous past and not AFRAID or SHOW FEAR OR BE ASHAMED of what she has done. (Apologies for the quality)

Dianna Williams have worked hard to make sure our brown girls do not follow the same dangerous path that she took in her earlier days. She has set a platform showing why Black Girls Rock. Diva Dianna has created an organization giving young ladies hope and a journey to a successful future. Almost all of her students have maintained high honors in their schools respective, became leaders among their peers, and positive role models to young ladies who are growing up in a world where Controversy gets the most praise and attention. Since starting the Pretty Brown Dancers Instagram page, I have came across more amazing dance teams featuring girls of color.













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