Praise Dance, form of liturgical or spiritual dance, is a form of dance in which the focus is on worship. Praise dancers use their bodies to help express the word and spirit of God. Praise dance is considered by many churches to be an acceptable form of Christian expression. Choreographed dances are often used before congregations to create exciting and emotional atmospheres. Sometimes a praise dance can be apart of a bigger production in which an entire story is told. (Wikipedia)

Dance Institute of Philadelphia formed DanceInPhinity! in 2010. The company has performed all over Philadelphia through various schools and venues. As a member of International  Association of in Blacks in Dance,  they have had the privilege of performing abroad in Toronto, Canada ; Washington, DC, Dallas, TX, Cleveland, OH, and that famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. (DIP5900)

Check out their powerful praise dance performance to “Jesus” by Shekinah Glory Ministry

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