They have performed a tap dance routine to Beyonce, The Great Late Prince, Afro Beats, Drum lines and more. Now watch the lovely Syncopated Ladies, in collaboration with The Fellas, perform to Grammy Award winning artist “Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You”.


CHOREOGRAPHERS: Chloe Arnold & Ava J. Bernstine

DIRECTOR: Becca Nelson

SYNCOPATED LADIES: Chloe Arnold, Maud Arnold, Anissa Lee, Assata Madison, Melissa Tannús

THE FELLAS: Dexter Carr, Jermel Jemel McWilliams, Brandon O’Neal, Leo Lam, Noel Bajandas

Set Consultants: Melinda Sullivan, Orialis Serrano Ashley, Sarah Reich
IG/Twitter: @SyncLadies


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