We have not posted to our Instagram account for two days. However, it was brought to our attention that there was an intense dance battle taking place between teams Mckinley High School Pantherettes from New Orleans, LA versus Eastern High School Dynamic Lady Gems from Washington, D.C.  But this was ONE VERY INTENSE BATTLE ON THE FLOOR. Check it out.

We have posted these girls a lot on our Instagram and both teams have been featured in our Formation series on the website. We have dubbed the Pantherettes as the “Mini Southern University Dancing Dolls” and the Lady Gems as “Mini North Carolina Golden Delight”. Both of these teams are very talented and have different styles. Despite viewing the mudslinging (which we do not care for), we hope BOTH teams keep it classy. It is great to see the girls have a competitive spirit and engage in a positive activity such as dance.

Video Credits goes to Marvin Price. Follow him on Instagram/Twitter. Subscribe to his Youtube channel.

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