In 2013, Brown Girls Do Ballet was founded by Brittani Marie and Takiyah Wallace, as a photography project highlighting women of color in the dance world. Beautifully captured photos of brown ballerinas have went viral and showed the world that there are Brown Girls who are talented in Ballet just like their Counterparts. In addition, Brown Girls Do Ballet has provided scholarships to help girls further their education and become future leaders and stars of the world.

Here are reasons why their new book The Ballerina’s Little Black Book needs to be in your household and on your coffee table for Inspirational Purposes

1. The cover shows that positive images of black women do exist!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Jasmine Alston

The book’s cover is eye-catching and showstopping. It is guaranteed that it will make you stop what you are doing and invest in buying this book. The cover model is dancer Tunai Denise. Her picture alone gives young girls of color hope in the dance world. Many in the African American often complain that there are negative images of black women in the media and feared that the young girls are hopeless. The Ballerina’s Little Black Book proves otherwise and suggests that there are positive images of black women out there.

2. They have messages from famed dancers Aesha Ash, Alicia Graf Mack, and a personal message from Misty Copeland.


These three ladies are part of the team that are breaking down barriers. At least one girl, would read their messages and strive to be just as good in the dance world.

3. It Dispels the Myth that Black Girls Don’t Do Ballet


Unfortunately, there are black women who are mothers and aunts, that would tell their little girls that “Black Girls Don’t Do Ballet” and refuse to enroll them in dance class. Marie and Wallace has proven otherwise through her Instagram page of over 80,000 followers of beautiful photographs and videos.

4. Great Centerpiece for Your Coffee Table


So much care would be put in this book as it is placed as a centerpiece on your coffee table. It must be dust with a Swifter duster. Roses, not carnations, must be placed beside them. This is a book that can not just be placed anywhere in the house. Living Room must be dusted and vacuumed on a weekly basis because not one drop of dust be allowed on The Ballerina’s Little Book. It is the main focus of the room. NEVER EVER, sit this book in a BOOKCASE. It is the ultimate sin. Never, ever sit this book in plastic like it is a couch. (Clutches pearls)

5. It is of Sentimental Value

This book can be past down from one generation of dancers to the next bringing more pretty brown dancers in the world.

The book is for 27.99 (worth breaking your pockets). Pre-Order is available. It will on Sale on June 6, 2016. Click on picture.


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