Bring It! Season 4 Finale: Our Thoughts On The Epic Ending

The Slay Season 4 of Bring It! On Lifetime Tv has aired last night on April 28, 2017. The Dancing Dolls were getting prepared and set to compete in the annual Battle Royale. They were the favorites to win and the rivalries were coming for them like vultures. Our blog has not done a recap of Bring It! since the last season. Instead of a recap of what went down

Bring It! Season 3B Episode 3 Recap

This episode began with Camryn trying to go on a date with her boyfriend. They have been going together for quite some time and only talked to each other through phone and texting (very appropriate). But Camryn’s mom Mimi…had her fears about boys in general…rightfully so. Her baby was growing up and now she hit her teenage years. Despite her fears, Mimi has raised a respectable young lady who appeared

Why Lifetime Tv's Reality Show  "Bring It!" is NOT "Ratchet" Tv!!!

After watching an episode of Lifetime Tv’s “Bring It”, a reality show about a competitive youth majorette dance team from Jackson, MS, Dancing Dolls, an Instagram page Pretty Brown Dancers was created to show pictures and videos of pretty and talented Brown dancers of color.  Our television screens are over-saturated with many reality TV shows which is beginning to be known as fake and scripted. However, the ones that are closely