Pretty Brown Dancers Honors Class of 2017: Mikaila Ware, Florida State University

In an effort to promote positive images and further bring inspiration to young girls, Pretty Brown Dancers not only are featuring dances of color but honoring those who are graduating high school and college. For weeks, we have asked several high school seniors and final year college students to submit their pictures and academic achievements. To kick off this special, we are featuring Mikaila Ware, who will be graduating Magna

Contrast: Jackson State University Prancing J-Settes Performing "Imagination" (1996 & 2013)

Today, via my Twitter profile, I posted a Jackson State University Prancing J-Settes tribute thread where I posted throwback pictures and videos of their performances from the 60s to the 2000s. One of the Stand Routines¬†(where as they are performing on the bleachers of their stadium) that stuck out to me was a 1996 and 2013 Performance of “Imagination.” by the legendary Al Jarreau. Check it out