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Hot Shots: Check out the Unseen Luxurious Bling Photoshoot of Bring It's Faith Thigpen with Photographer Will Sterling

Bring It Star, Faith Thigpen is having an awesome 2017. Aside from being on a high rated reality show, she has went viral for her prom outfit made by former Basketball Wives star, Angel Brinks; and became our Dancer of the Week. Today she celebrates her 17th birthday and her mom Dana Roilton has released the pictures from the glamorous photo shoot with Atlanta Photographer Will Sterling. Check it out

Dancer of the Week: Faith Thigpen, of Bring It!

It was truly an honor for Pretty Brown Dancers to have Faith take the time out of her busy schedule and interview with us (via email) for this week’s Dancer of the Week. A few weeks ago, she broke the internet in her Prom outfit. Now, she is currently filming the second half of Season 4 for the reality tv show Bring It! which is slated to air in Summer

Watch The Explosive Dance Battle with the Mckinley High Pantherettes vs. Dynamic Lady Gems of Eastern High School

We have not posted to our Instagram account for two days. However, it was brought to our attention that there was an intense dance battle taking place between teams Mckinley High School Pantherettes from New Orleans, LA versus Eastern High School Dynamic Lady Gems from Washington, D.C.  But this was ONE VERY INTENSE BATTLE ON THE FLOOR. Check it out.

Bring It! Season 4 Finale: Our Thoughts On The Epic Ending

The Slay Season 4 of Bring It! On Lifetime Tv has aired last night on April 28, 2017. The Dancing Dolls were getting prepared and set to compete in the annual Battle Royale. They were the favorites to win and the rivalries were coming for them like vultures. Our blog has not done a recap of Bring It! since the last season. Instead of a recap of what went down

Unique Photos of Dancers in Formation

Formation is a structure or arrangement of something. Beyonce had the world in a stance through her 2016 smash hit, “Formation”. Before Beyonce shouted out through the streets of New Orleans in her music video, there were dance groups that were always standing in formation…moving and grooving. Throughout the year, Pretty Brown Dancers had collected photos of dancers in perfect formation.

Dance Links Around The World: Tips for Dance Moms

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