Check out the extended and full performances from Bring It Season 4b episode “Clapback Season”.

In this episode, Crystianna returned to the Dancing Dolls after a brief stint with Divas of Olive Branch. While coach Dianna Williams welcomed her with open arms, she chose to ignore and dismiss DDP member Rittany. For those hiding under a rock, last season Rittany made the choice to have Crystianna leave the Dancing Dolls because she felt that she was not given more solos and being treated with unfairness. This is very common in the majorette world when stage moms (or aunts in that matter) feel that their child should be the shining star on that stage. However, what Rittany did (and this is based on our view from a 40 minute episode), was unethical and un-loyal moving Crystianna to a team where there has been nothing but hostility between the coaches Neva Mcgruder of DOB and Dianna since Season 1. We are pretty sure that Dianna and Rittany was able to put their differences aside throughout the year and make amends. After all, Crystianna is a Dancing Doll for a life. Enjoy the performances.


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