Dancer of the Week is a feature of talented girl and women dancers.

Interested participants must submit the following:

You must be between the ages of 14 and up at the time of the submissions (NO EXCEPTIONS). Under 18 must seek permission from their parent or guardian.

A small bio briefly describing dance background what city and state you are from and dance company affiliation. (only 5-7 sentences).

5-10 clear, pictures that showcase the dance talent. The preferred photo sizes are 640×640, 1080×1080, 1080×566, 1200×630, 1080×1350. Also, we will NOT accept pictures in collages or tagged with watermarks, website URLs, or text. Furthermore, you must send professional photos with photographers credit.

All images become the property of and may be used on the blog, social media platforms, and Promotional Materials.

Please note, that these submissions do not make the site obligated to feature the dancer. It will be under our discretion whether or not we publish or take down your feature.

Decisions will be under the discretion of the writer.

Participants are notified of selection through email and cannot be featured twice.

Dancer of the Week interviews is posted Sunday to Saturday. 

Send submissions to our email at