Our new dancer of the week is Kendall Dashawn Dennis of Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Check out her favorite dance performance and read more about her aspirations in dance. 

Age: 14

Dance School: Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Hobbies: I love dancing and playing volley ball

How you became a dancer? At the age of 4 I begin dancing at local studios in my neighborhood. My teachers were saying I had a natural gift of dance and I was progressively moving up in levels. Even though, I started out dancing, I was a competitive cheerleader for 5 years and competed at the All Star Level. My 2nd grade teacher encouraged me to try out for Debbie Allen’s Hot Chocolate Nutcracker and I made the cast. In addition, I was selected to be apart of her Red Birds Group which everyone is specifically chosen by Debbie Allen. I eventually gave up competitive cheer-leading and gave my full attention to dancing with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for the past 9 years, with the Red Birds 2 and her Ensemble Group.

What was your favorite dance performance? My favorite dance performance was performing an African Dance at the White House for Mrs. Michelle Obama. Will send video in a separate email.

Who is your favorite dancer? My Favorite dancer Julianne Hough and Laurieann Gibson. They are my favorite dancers because they inspire people to just be themselves, no matter what, always push for more.

What was the best advice you receive about your dancing? The best advice I receive about my dancing was to just be myself, be assertive and open up more so the world can see my hidden talents. I was told I have a lot to give.

What are your aspirations? My aspirations is to dance for a professional dance company. I was accepted in the Alvin Ailey 2017 summer intensive program. I’m excited to see if the Alvin Ailey Dance Company would be the perfect place for me to grow as a professional dancer. My love for animals has also been a dream of mine to become a Veterinarian.

What are your motivations? My motivations are when people put me down or try make to me feel like I’m not as talented as they are, it makes me work harder to prove them wrong. I refuse to let negativity destroy my self esteem by turning negativity into my positive character building.

What advice would you give young girls starting in dance? My advice to young girls starting in dance is to follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you, you can’t. Stay true to yourself, dedicated and work hard because hard work will eventually pay off.

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