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Kayla Lavine is a 12 year old dancer who has won many dance competitions in the USA. We have posted her photos many times on our Instagram page. Here is her interview for Dancer of the Week January 24, 2017. 


Hobbies: Dance, Playing guitar, Singing, Musicals, Art

Dance School: Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre

What make academics important? Academics are important because they help you to be able to function in the real world. They teach you history so that you can learn for it and improve and math so you can manage money.

Why you became the type of dancer you are? Dance is in my heart. There is no other place I’d rather be than dancing. Because I love it and have passion for it it shows in my dancing.

What were your favorite past dance performances? The Dance Awards 2015 and USTD nationals 2016 and ever time I do Running with the Wolves this year!

What was the best advice you received about your dance techniques? Practice, practice, practice. Stretching is very important. Strong core is very important.

What advice have you received about dance auditions? That it is important to show good technique but also good performance.

What are your goals? Julliard or auditioning right award for jobs and company’s.

Photo Credit: Rachel Neville Photography

What do you do aside from dancing? Playing guitar, Singing, Musicals, Art

What advice you can give to girls starting out in dance? Always work on your technique but also it is just as important to Dance from the heart!

Photo Credit: Rachel Neville Photography

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