When did you began dancing?

I started Dancing when I first learned how to walk is what my mom always says! But I started dancing recreationally at Upstage Dance Centre when I was 6 years old.

What type of dancing do you do?

I’m trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Musical Theater and I tumble.

What is your special performance skills?

A Few special performance skills I have are, I’m hypermobility (double jointed) and very flexible. I can bone break, do a scorpion and a birds nest! A special one is my signature hairstyle the braid ponytail! Anytime I freestyle I will whip it around and around like a helicopter.

Jene Marie’s performance on The Ellen Show starts at the 1:31 Mark

What was it like to be on Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties and having your performance to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” go viral?

It was an amazing feeling to see other people enjoying what I love to do. I hold my excitement inside a lot of the time, but when Beylite on Instagram posted it I was like Whaaaaaaaat! I’m so grateful that people loved the performance just as much as I did! I‘m very thankful for all of my supporters new and old, that are riding along with me on my journey!

Tells us what choreographers you like.

I have so many choreographers that I look up to that I would love to study! Some of my favorite are, Sean Bankhead, Jaquel Knight, Jasmine Badie, Tony Tzar, Kiki Ely, Sakinah Lestage, Laura Edwards, Kevin Maher, Zacc Milne, KK Harris, Josh Smith, Jamaica Craft and the list goes on and on. I LOVE these choreographers because everytime they move their body I can feel every move and emotion they feel when they dance.

What choreographers would you like to work with?

I am blessed to cross off some of my dream choreographers to work with like Fatima Robinson, Jaquel Knight, and Jamaica Craft. I would love to work with Rhapsody James and Oththan Burnside because the way they carry themselves. They seem like great, kind, and caring people that like to have fun on their jobs but are always about their business.

What are the best tips you receive about dance?

One of the best tips I have received about dance are, to always be prepared for anything that could happen and to have a plan B. Another great tip I have received is a little funny but very true is, if you every get mad or have an attitude with a situation just “keep it cute, or put it on mute”.

How do you balance academics, dance school, and performances?

It does get a little stressful trying to balance school and dance, but being home-schooled through Georgia Cyber Academy make my days more flexible. I love Georgia Cyber Academy because I’m able to work ahead in case I get a job that requires me to work for a long period of time.

What are your goals and inspirations?

My Goal and inspirations are to one day know that I have changed some peoples lives just by making them happy when I perform! My goal is to one day become a triple threat and reach a point in my life to know that I can do what I love full-time as my career!

What advice you will like to give young girls starting in dance?

I would love to tell young girls, whatever you do make sure you are enjoying it and having fun! Make sure whatever you decide to do in life it is for you, not what your cousin, sister, brother, or parents want you to do! You don’t want to waste time doing something that doesn’t excite you then later look back and say man, I should have followed my heart and did what made me happy. I want little girls to know that they are special just the way they are andcan succeed in anything the put their minds to! I want to let all girls know that everyone will love you for being you, you don’t have to ever be someone else, you are amazing just the way you are!

This interview was conducted upon permission of Jene Marie’s parent. Follow her on Instagram @jenemarie


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