Hanna Dessie is one of the many dancers I featured on the Instagram page of Pretty Brown Dancers. Check out her interview

Name: Hanna Dessie
Age: 12
Hobbies: Dancing, Tennis,  Cooking, Sewing, Art
Dance School: Debbie Allen Dance Academy
How you became a dancer?: When I was 4 my mom needed a summer camp to out me in. She found the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and put me in their summer camp. After that, I had a passion for dance. I would run all over the house dancing and spinning around.
Tell us about your special performance skills.: Even though dancing is what I do for most of my time. I also taught myself how to do gymnastics. I act as well which is very helpful for expressing myself in my dancing.
What other dancer have inspired you?: I am really inspired by 4 dancers in particular. Misty Copeland, Alison Stroming, Janet Collins, Carmen de Lavallade, and Debbie Allen. They all faced hard ships in their life and still became successful following their dream.
hanna3What motivates you in dance?: I get motivated by learning how to do something new everyday. I get bored really easily and I always need something new to prefect and work on.
What would you do if you didn’t dance?: If I didn’t dance I would probably play tennis. I played tennis before I danced and I was pretty good. I got a scholarship to Pepperdine summer camp went I was 4. So most likely, I would try to become a professional tennis player.
What are your future plans?: My future plans are to make people feel my emotions through my movements. I also plan on become successful doing what I love.
What advice you will give to young girls who are starting out in dance?: I would tell them to do what they love. If dancing is what you love then study it, work for it, and live it. Even when you get beat down and have to push until you succeed.

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