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It was truly an honor for Pretty Brown Dancers to have Faith take the time out of her busy schedule and interview with us (via email) for this week’s Dancer of the Week. A few weeks ago, she broke the internet in her Prom outfit. Now, she is currently filming the second half of Season 4 for the reality tv show Bring It! which is slated to air in Summer 2017 (July???).

I am currently 16 years old.

I love to dance, sing, act, hang out with my family, and travel with my competitive dance team.

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve been dancing since the age of three.

Besides being a majorette dancer, what are your other dance skills?
Ballet, lyrical, mime, liturgical, modern, jazz, hip hop, and African

Tell us about your most favorite dance performance.
My favorite performance was probably my 9th grade year at my performing arts school, Power APAC, when we did a tribute performance to legendary music group TLC.

What is it like being a public figure at a young age?
It is definitely an interesting, fun, challenging journey. It’s quite heart warming to have girls, around the same age as you, to consider you an inspiring, admirable figure. It is very exciting to motivate others to do what they love by doing something you love.

How do you manage time in academics, dance, and starring on a tv show?
I have a very hectic schedule, but somehow I stand to manage. I go to school from 8:30a.m.-1:50p.m. I go to my performing arts classes from 1:50p.m.-3:30p.m. and I go to Dancing Doll practice/filming from 5:30p.m.-10:00p.m. and come home to shower, practice some more, and do any work that I need to complete.

What was the best advice you received about your dance skills and what did you learn from the criticisms (if applicable).

In my opinion, there is no such thing as the best advice. All advice is useful to some capacity. As a dancer, if you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not truly open to grow as an artist.

What were your successes? If there were failures, what did you learn from them?
From my failures I’ve learned to keep trying. I know that it doesn’t define who I am. Failures are apart of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?
My mom, my love for performing, and the thought of using and progressing the gift God gave me.

Who is your role model?
I most definitely look to Beyoncé as a role model. She does everything I aspire to do, from singing, to cast in movies, dancing, and just performing all over the world. I have studied and watched her and her videos since the age of three.

What advice you can give to girls starting out in dance?
Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for yourself. My mom always tell me “look in the mirror and who do you see? That’s you’re only competition, so be the best you that you can be”. Whenever you feel like you want to give up or you just can’t do it know that you can and eventually all your hard work will pay off! It may seem like forever but it will come faster than you know it!

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