Our new Dancer of the Week is 15 year old ballet dancer, Angelique Pupke, has been featured on our IG many times. Her pictures and videos shows her perfect grace and poise in ballet dancing. Check out her interview to learn more about this Pretty Brown Dancer.  


Dance School:
Boca Ballet Theatre

Figure skating, contortion, and modeling.

What age you started dancing?
I started dancing at 3 so for 12 years I have been dancing.

What type of dancing you do?
I do Ballet and a little bit of contemporary and jazz.

What is the best advice you receive in the world of dance?
That practice makes permanent. Some may of heard practice makes perfect but the truth is there is know such thing as perfect.

Who are your role models and why???
Misty Copeland is my role model because she is the first African American dancer with Abt and knowing what a hard past she had and still making it to the top is so inspirational.

What was your first dance competition like?
I wouldn’t personally know yet until June because that will be my first competition but I think it will be a great experience.



How do you balance academics, dance, and a social life at your age?
I do go to regular school and complete my homework at the library after school. Dance classes are after school for 4 hrs and sometimes 5-6 if I leave early for training. On the weekends, my parents would allow me to go out after I finish dance instruction. So my friends and I mostly just go to the mall cause everything is there.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself dancing with Abt with there official company.

What advice you will like to give young girls who are starting in dance?
To work really hard because there will always be someone that is better than you but even if that person has great technique you need to have the artistry. Directors can find a million people with great technique what they want is something new. I mean what is more exciting for a director than finding new talent.



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