Alaina Terrell is 10 years old and is a dancer at Inspiration Dance Academy. She started dancing at the age of 4. Her dream is to become a professional dancer and teach at a dance convention. Furthermore, she hopes to be a contestant of So You Think You Can Dance. Check out her interview (with assistance from her mother Allison)

Tell us about your dance school. I’m a Platinum Company dancer at Inspiration Dance Academy in Fayetteville NC. (@academydanceinspiration) Inspiration Dance Academy is owned and directed by Mrs. Rene Jones. IDA provides training in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap & Tumble.

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How you became a dancer? I found my love for dance at the age of 4 years old. I loved to do splits and turns so my mom put me in a dance class; and I never stopped!!!

What special performance skills do you have? My strengths in performance skills is my stage presence and flexibility. I love to entertain and perform with high energy and difficult tricks.

What were your favorite performances? My favorite performance was last years’ Inspire Dance Nationals. I worked very hard on my solo and was determined to make it my best performance all year. I placed 2nd in the Crystal Showcase with a Diamond Elite adjudication. At the same Nationals, I was able to perform with the Inspire All Star Team. We trained all week long with dance professionals to learn an amazing routine that we performed as the opening number!

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Who are your role models? My role models are Misty Copeland and my dance instructor, Alexis Canin. Misty Copeland’s story inspires me to work hard and have self-confidence. Learning her story has taught me that it doesn’t matter what you have or how you start; if dance is truly your passion you can make your own success. Ms. Alexis is also my role model because her choreography and movement is so beautiful and unique.

How do you balance academics, dance classes, and social life? I balance academics, dance classes, and social life by keeping my priorities in order. I understand that my academics must always come first and my education is very important to me. Dance is my life and I have no problem working to perfect my technique and skill set. My best friends are also my dance teammates; so it is perfect that I get to see them every day and share that experience together.

What was the best advice you received in dance? The best advice I have ever received in dance is to find the meaning and purpose behind every move I do. I dance because it is my passion. Someone once told me that nobody can ever take my passion away. Just be yourself and strive to be a better dancer than you were yesterday.

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to become a professional dancer. I want to travel the world and inspire young dancers through my performances and owning my own dance convention.

What advice would you give young girls starting in dance? I would advise young dancers to never give up; look back at what you have been through and accomplished already… Taking your first dance class, meeting new friends, performing on stage… You have already gotten through life and accomplished this much and can continue to excel. Follow your heart and stay true to yourself. Nothing worth having ever comes easily.

Photo Credits: Chris Henrickson

Check out more of Alaina Terell’s dance skills on her Instagram

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