It is that time of the year for Class of 2018 Seniors (mostly located in the Southern & Midwestern States) and that is PROM. The stars of reality show Bring It have recently showed their fabulous and glamorous prom attire that has the social media buzzing. Check out these prom looks the seniors of Dancing Dolls from Jackson, Mississippi: Faith Thigpen, Makalah Whisenton, and Tanesha Roberts.

Tanesha Roberts (Instagram: @mz_hazeleyed)

Makalah Whisenton (Instagram: @xtreme_heat)

Faith Thigpen (Instagram: @iamstard0m)

According to her mom Dana, her dress was made in two days by designer Kenbrell (IG: @letsgetglammed_)

More Prom Pictures will soon be coming! Keep an eye out!
Pretty Brown Dancers hope the girls enjoyed their evening.

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