5 Fabulous Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams (that can bring MONEY)

Being enrolled in a Dance Company/Team is expensive with the tuition, classes, performances, travel fees to attend competitions, costumes, and pictures. Big or small, the fees do add up. A lot of dance companies utilized fundraising to keep their costs down and their businesses afloat. That is why they mostly rely on fundraisers that usually consist of selling candy and doing car washes. Sometimes they break even or not at

Formation: Golden Girls of Miami Northwestern High School

Featured in our Formation Series are the Golden Girls of Miami Northwestern Girls. After re-posting a video from their Director/Choreographer, Traci Young-Byron, it has generated a lot of views on our Instagram and Facebook pages. From there, we decided to give them a feature in this series. Check it out

Dancer of the Week: Addison Grace Mouser

Addison Grace Mouser is a unique dancer that I have featured many times on Instagram. What makes her unique is that through her pictures I see a well skilled beautiful brown ballerina which overshadows the fact that she has a hearing loss. This did not stop her from standing out in her dance classes where she was classically trained. Brown Girls Do Ballet selected her to to be their Ambassador. I

Dancer of the Week: Breanna Miller

Dancer of the Week is Breanna Miller, of Dance Dimensions in Albany, NY. Beautiful dance photos, taken by her big sister, have been featured on the Instagram page and this time, we decide to have the whole world know more about this pretty brown dancer.

Bring It! Season 3B Episode 3 Recap

This episode began with Camryn trying to go on a date with her boyfriend. They have been going together for quite some time and only talked to each other through phone and texting (very appropriate). But Camryn’s mom Mimi…had her fears about boys in general…rightfully so. Her baby was growing up and now she hit her teenage years. Despite her fears, Mimi has raised a respectable young lady who appeared