How long have you been dancing with the Raiderettes?

I have been apart of the Raiderettes for four years now.

What was it like to try out for the dance team?

My first time trying out for the team was very difficult and stringent because I had no past dance experience or any coordination. The whole tryout process for me was just a new experience and it was out of my element.

What did you learn about working with a team?

I learned from working with a team, is that no dancer is perfect; because everyone dances in their own way. Dancing is an expression of art with uniqueness, this is the process of drawing a picture and no picture should look like another.

How do you prepare for a performance?

I prepare for a performance by first staying calm, relaxing my brain and going over the pieces I need the most help on.

What does it feel like to be a captain of a team?

Honestly it really isn’t a difference with being Captain of the team because we all grow together and I feel no different from the rest because we are all contributing to the growth of us as individuals and the team as a whole by working together. You don’t always have to take charge to be considered a captain.

What is the greatest advice your receive as a dancer?

The greatest advice I have received as a dancer is to be humble and to never forget where you started from.

How do you motivate your team mates?

I motivate my teammates by not letting them give up on themselves and telling them the story of how I started. You can’t start off being gold without being processed in the mine.

How do you balance your academics with your sports?

I balance my academics with my sports by being proactive and staying on top of my work.Therefore whether it is at school, before practice, or even afterwards but it will be done and I will make honor roll.

What qualities must a team captain possess?

The qualities a team captain should have is Integrity, Passion, Commitment,and Humbleness.

You will be graduating from high school this year. What are your future goals?

My future goals after graduating from the Class of 2018, I will be attending Jackson State University majoring in Biology/ Premedical. Here I will hopefully have the honor to dance for the thrill of a billion eyes, the famous Prancing J-Settes.

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