Our new feature for Captain’s Spotlight is Ms. Keyonna Lovett. She is the leader in Anniston High School Annabelles of Anniston Alabama. She recently danced with Alabama State University Sensational Stingettes at their annual Turkey Day Classic on November 23.  Aside from her sports activities, Ms. Lovett is an honor roll student maintaining a 3.6 g.p.a. In addition, she is apart of the National Honor Society and is in the Top 10 of her senior class.

 How long have you been dancing with Anniston High School Annabelles?

I have been dancing with the Anniston High School Annabelles for 3 years now.

Tell us about the first tryouts with Annabelles

My first time trying out for the Annabelles was kind of intense. I came in not having any technical background in dance. My abilities weren’t up to the standards of the Annabelles at the time. It caused me to not make the team that year. I was so determined to make the team, so I tried out the next year.

Tell us about your first time performing with the Annabelles.

My first time performing with the Annabelles was at a football game. The feeling was amazing. I felt as if I was a celebrity while walking in because many people were watching and cheering. All the hard work I put in led to that moment. I was finally living my dream.

What did you learn about being a team player before you became 1st Lieutenant to the Captain?

Before I became 1st Lieutenant to the Captain I learned that when being a team player your captain or coach should be able to rely on you. You should always understand your role and also help the team by utilizing your strengths.

What leadership qualities must a team captain possess?

The qualities a team captain must possess is leadership, self-discipline, and most of all… how to get along with others. Your team and others around you should want to be able to look up to you and count on you.

How do you deal with the different attitudes and personalities of your teammates?

The way I deal with the different attitudes and personalities of my teammates is that I’ll either ask them what’s wrong or what happened and afterwards I’ll give them their space if needed. Sometimes I’ll tell jokes or play around just to cheer them up. But I’d never just not check on them if I see that something is wrong.

Tell us how you balance your academics with your sports activities.

I balance my academics with sports by having a time schedule. I would go home after practice and do my homework within a time limit. And sometimes if work needs to be done ahead of time I would do it before practice. And if I need extra time my coach would let us do it during some of the practice.

What is the best advice you have received?

The best advice I have received was to never give up no matter how hard things get. If you want it, you have to chase after it. Be the head and never the tail.

Who are your role models?

My role models are Asia Martin and my mom. I would always watch Asia Martin on YouTube and her moves were so precise and clean. She also gave feeling. I always wanted to dance like her. My mom is my other role model because she is the definition of a hard worker and strong woman. She also gives the best advice and life lesson talks.

What are your plans after high school graduation?

My plans after high school graduation is to attend Alabama State University to take an undergraduate science course enable to get accepted into the physical therapy program. I also want to tryout for the Sensational Stingettes.

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