Pretty Brown Dancers have decided to shine some light on the captains of the Majorette Dance Lines we often post on our pages. Our first feature is Ms. Semaya Roberts of Mckinley High School Pantherettes, who has gained notoriety for slaying and being in savage mode during her stand battles. Read her interview with

How long have you been dancing with the McKinley High School Pantherettes Dance Line?

I have been dancing for the Pantherettes for 3 years 2015 was my shrimp year.

What was your first year as a Pantherette been like?

My first year as a Pantherette was amazing, I was finally living my dream..I was on Cloud 9 that entire year honestly.

Tell us about your favorite performance as a Pantherette.

My favorite performance as a Pantherette would have to be Homecoming 2016-2017, from the pep rally to the actual game was great! Energy was high just everything about that night was great!

What it is like to be a well known figure in the auxiliary/majorette world?

Being well known in the auxiliary/majorette world is unbelievable because I remember looking up to older Pantherettes when I was younger and now I have little girls looking up to me! I love that I have supporters..It truly is a blessing.

You have gained notoriety for your performance during a stand battle where the Pantherettes went against Lady Gems of Eastern High School from Washington, D.C. How did you handle the criticism from the battle that went viral???

I took all the criticism in from the battle against the Eastern Gems! The good and the bad criticism. I learned my lesson that sometimes I do have to back off and calm down and go different about things.

What qualities must a team captain possess?

The qualities a team captain have: self confidence, leadership, discipline, communication, and being someone that each girl can look up to.

How do you motivate your fellow team mates?

To motivate my teammates I often have team talks before practice starts or at the end of practice, I send messages letting them know what we have to fix and what is good that their doing…I just try to keep their heads straight forward to push them to their full potential.

How do you balance your academics with your high school activities?

We have a study hall at the beginning of practice so that we can balance dance and school.. Also I often do my homework a day earlier so I won’t rush.

You will be graduating this year from McKinley High School. What are your goals after graduation?

Yes, I graduate this year; My plan after graduation are to go to either Southern University, Alabama State University or Texas Southern University.. I plan tryout for the Sensational Stingettes if I decide to attend ASU. I also plan on majoring in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Development with a minor in Psychology.

Pretty Brown Dancers thanks Semaya Roberts for taking the time doing this interview with us

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