The Slay Season 4 of Bring It! On Lifetime Tv has aired last night on April 28, 2017. The Dancing Dolls were getting prepared and set to compete in the annual Battle Royale. They were the favorites to win and the rivalries were coming for them like vultures. Our blog has not done a recap of Bring It! since the last season. Instead of a recap of what went down from once scene to the next, we decided to share our thoughts on a few scenes from the show.

Kayla leaving the Dollhouse

Dianna did the right thing by “kicking” Kayla out of the Dollhouse and take on opportunities outside of Dancing Dolls. That is what a great leader/mentor is suppose to do. Dianna was not being shady. Kayla needed to move on from the Dancing Dolls. It was time to let go, even as an assistant coach. Kayla eats, sleeps and sh*** Dancing Dolls. However, being an Assistant Coach to a team that she has been apart of since age 11, was holding her back. Kayla is a hip hop dancer. A good plan for Her would be to venture out of Mississippi and head out of state such as LA, NYC, ATL, or Florida where she can join some hip hop dance companies and take master classes. In addition, she has a desire to run her own dance studio and become a choreographer. In addition to the dance classes, she may take a look into enrolling in business classes as well. Fans, including us, and The Dolls are sad to see Kayla go because we have watched her grew up on tv. But it is time to move forward.

Dianna vs Quincy
It was interesting to see Dianna and Quincy meet up, in close proximity, after that nasty blowout at the Summer Slam last Season. It was disappointing see the both of them get so angry and hostile towards each other at a competition. A trophy may have been won at the Summer Slam but no one got the prize. Dianna and Quincy have been rivals for a long time but there were instances where they had each other’s backs. Taking back to Season 1, when an emcee cheated other teams due to being shady , both Dianna and Quincy united together and called the lady out on her bull. It was hilarious to see that emcee getting ripped apart. It seems like they can be good rivals if they just remain cordial with each other (if that makes sense).

A set back is a set up for a comeback

The Props caught on fire. Coach D and her team did what they could to handle the situation without stressing the Dolls. The girls were getting prepared for their routine and their Coach worked hard to make the outcome a positive one. There are times when Coach D will overthink her concepts for creative dance. However, the “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” themed for the Dancing Dolls performance was well thought out. The costumes, that were replicas of the famous 70s movie starring Gene Wilder, was on point. The Dancing Dolls gave an award winning performance at the Battle Royale and deserved that win. In fact, all teams were great with their performances: The Prancing Tigerettes, Black Ice, and Inferno Dance Company . The Dolls and Inferno Dance Company from California impressed the judges with their creative performances to move to the stand battle portion of the competition. The Dolls took home a win!!!

Crystianna and Rittany ending their relationship with The Dancing Dolls

Rittany’s decision to have Crystianna leave the Dollhouse is kind of heartbreaking. While it’s understandable that Ritttany sees the best in her niece and desires more solo dances in competition, it leaves us hanging as to where she will go next. But what most don’t know is that if she was to go to another team, she will have to prove herself just as much as she did with the Dolls. Even though most of us are viewing 40 minutes of a 16 hour day filming, Rittany leaving the Dancing Dolls could possibly do more harm than good. At the end of the day, she knows what is best for Crystianna.

Enjoy the full clip of the performance from last nights Battle Royals and leave comments in regards to the commentary.

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  1. I have just loved watching Kayla,I hope we will be able to continue to see what her next challenge is,she is an amazing dancer

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