As always I get late with these recaps, so I decided to do a review of the performances that was seen on Episode 7 on Bring It!

The Dancing Dolls entered a City vs City Showdown Majorette along with Purple Diamonds, Prancing Tigerettes, and I.D.. For the creative, the teams were to have a solo, duet, and a trio. Then all four were to compete in the stand battle. While they were not dancing together, Dancing Dolls and Purple Diamonds were representing Jackson, MS battling the two teams from Memphis, TN, Prancing Tigerettes and ID. The teams with the most points take the win for their city.


Purple Diamonds Creative Dance

I didn’t understand the Purple Diamonds creative. The girls did a great job dancing but I needed to see more. Their creative dance did not grab my attention. It was just too boring for me. I expected more from Purple Diamonds because they are a great team.


Purple Diamonds vs. I.D. Stand Battle
ID did not do any creatives (or I didn’t see anything on tv). They competed against the Purple Diamonds and won. Now, Dianna Williams aka Coach D of the Dancing Dolls feels that the Purple Diamonds have been robbed. Due to editing, we are unable to see this on the show but there are video recordings of fans who attended the show. Coach D was absolutely right…the Purple Diamonds were robbed. I.D. did a great job but the Purple Diamonds were better. However, the judges saw different and picked otherwise.

Prancing Tigerettes Creative Dance



Prancing Tigerettes are a great dance team from Memphis. They do give the Dancing Dolls competition and that is good. Their creative dance was a Homage to Destiny’s Child and Beyonce. While they did not have props, their performance was clean and cohesive. The girls did a SUPERB job in their creative dance and did not needed to add any special effects. The judges were so impressed that they give them a standing ovation. Now, in my opinion, judges at a dance competition should be stoic, meaning not showing any emotion, because doing standing ovations and making gestures like a team is their favorite, it does not leave a mystery to the audience nor the other competing teams.

Dancing Dolls Creative Dance


Dancing Dolls performed a tribute to Black History and Black Lives Matter. Most of the girls donned Afros and Black leather jumpsuits that emulated Beyonce’s Superbowl 47 Performance Outfit. The Baby Dancing Dolls were rocking afro puffs and shirts that said Black Power. Then the rest of the girls dressed like slaves in chains. After looking at a fan video (Thank God for those), it has became understandable as to why the Dancing Dolls was given second place. The performance had a great message but for this competition, it was all over the place. Coach D had trios of trios doing Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Majorette. The Contemporary Trio was a great option. The others should have been cut because it through the performance off. Aside from everything, the performance was tooo long and all over the place. Coach D, I have to congratulate her for producing creative dances to WOW the audience. However, she can overboard with her concepts and most people who are creative and have the urge to win a competition will get overwhelmed at times. The fact that she decided to bring a BLACK POWER message to the people in the community deserves a THUMBS UP.

Memphis took home the trophies. They came there to win and accomplished that goal. All four of these teams did a wonderful job in this episode. Their coaches go out on a whim to make sure they battle for their lives and to bring that trophy home.

Until Next Recap (If I can get it done in time)

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