There was no Episode 5 recap. Why? Because I have a habit of doing these recaps late. This time I wanted to post them in a timely fashion (well sort of).

The Dancing Dolls did their thing last week in the creative performance using the basketballs as their props. The girls took home a first place win. The stand battles with the teams from Texas, D3 Elite Dance and Xplosive Dance Company, gave them a run for their money. However, the Dancing Dolls took that win as well.

This week the Dancing Dolls were not going to compete against any teams for this episode. There were not going to be any stand battles against rivals; meetups with clap-backs and shade being thrown; or rowdy crowds. The girls were competing for a four year college scholarship at an HBCU Mississippi Valley State University and become a part of their Majorette Dance Team Satin Dolls.

This opportunity was beautiful and it was so awesome that their girls were competing for their future instead of a trophy. However, this scholarship was going to be awarded to one Dancing Doll. So Coach D enlisted the help of former Dancing Doll member, Ariel, whom also became the first DD member to become apart of the famous Jackson State University majorette team, The Prancing J-settes. She knew the ropes and what it took for the girls to perform great at the Scholarship Showcase.

Ariel taught the girls the ropes. The team had to sit with poise on the bleachers. She told them how they have to smile. When they buck, they had to smile and stay in sync with their other team members. When they were battling a rival team, the Dolls have to be careful of not falling or they will be embarrassed. Dianna decided to do cuts for individuals participating in the Scholarship Showcase.


DDP had high hopes that their daughter was getting the scholarship. Noticeably absent from the DDP lounge was Dana, who had to attend a family emergency. Rittany became very comfortable (and happy) that Dana was not present during the practice. It seems that Mimi and Rittany both have an issue with Dana. Of course, all three of them thinks their child has more skills than the other.

Dianna decided to make cuts with the girls. The Twins Star and Sky did not make it. I see the girls put their all in to being a Dancing Doll. They have time to get to the top. Aside from that,  The Twins just have to work much harder. What confuses me the most is how Selena acts so shocked and surprise when they are cut when the proof is on the tv screen in DDP lounge.

Daija aka Secret Weapon made the cuts but was hanging on by a thread. I think Coach D pushes Daija to her limits when she is shown to be slipping. You may amazed at what people can do under pressure.


Tina decided to set up the newly single Selena and the divorced Mimi on blind dates via an online service . There have been reports about Mimi’s divorce. But Thank God it was kept private. A lot of these public figures have taken their marital problems to social media and going great lengths to tagging salacious gossip blogs to keep it going. Mimi kept it classy. No one knew about her divorce or the causes of it. Besides, who cares why? The show is about the Dancing Dolls. Not about Mimi’s divorce. Shout to Mimi on being able to keep it together and still support her Camryn in all her endeavors.

Mimi appeared to be having a good time. She did not want to share much because quite frankly, she did not need the rest of the parents in her business. YOU ROCK MIMI. Selena’s date was just all over the place and “off to the moon” (in his world).

Now back to the Dancing Dolls. They struggled in practice, especially with the folding of the capes. Coach D had her worries and Ariel gave the expression that she gave all that she could to get this team well put together for the showcase. But this was nothing new to the Dancing Dolls. They have worked with capes and performed stand routines in their earlier years.

The girls arrived at Mississippi Valley State University. Before the showcase, MSVU Satin Dolls gave them a tour of the campus. It is just awesome at how these girls were competing for a chance to have their higher education funded. One of the Dancing Dolls were going to walk away from a scholarship that can potentially give them a future.

To determine the winner, Five girls were going to chosen by their performance in the stands. Then, they had to perform a 60 second solo in front of the judges. At the showcase, the girls struggled with taking off their capes but their stand battle overshadowed everything. They showed that they can hold their own, even against the Satin Dolls. The Dancing Dolls performed like a college team. The girls looked GORGEOUS & PERFORMED BEAUTIFULLY.


The judges made their decision and the top five picked to go against each other were Camryn, Daija, Makayla, Crystianna, and Makaya. Dana was upset and felt that because Camryn already had a scholarship, Faith should have been chosen. But that is not how it works. Besides, there will be more opportunities up for grabs and Faith will get it because she is a very talented dancer.

The danced their hearts out in the solos. Now, I had an intuition that Crystianna was going to win that scholarship. Other fans on Twitter, thought it was going to be Camryn. We all want Crystianna to win something so badly because she does work hard. However, the scholarship was awards to Daija. She has only been on the team for a couple of months and this girl has proven her worth. When you actually watch Daija dance, you can see how amazing she is without all the dramatics. No one expected Daija to win but that is why you always root for the underdogs.

Next week, previews show The Dancing Dolls performing a tribute to Black Lives Matter in Panther style for a competition. This is something that can not be missed. I have seen snippets of the performance on Instagram and can’t wait to see it in action. Until next time.

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