This episode began with Camryn trying to go on a date with her boyfriend. They have been going together for quite some time and only talked to each other through phone and texting (very appropriate). But Camryn’s mom Mimi…had her fears about boys in general…rightfully so. Her baby was growing up and now she hit her teenage years. Despite her fears, Mimi has raised a respectable young lady who appeared to value herself and have the assertiveness.

The Dolls had to face their next opponent…Divas of Compton. There was an intense battle during last season where the coaches (well Kayla vs. Kehli of Divas of Compton). Since then, it has been mudslinging insults through social media and now, it was time for a grudge match.

Of course the Dolls had their rehearsals. Dianna is in her militant mode whereas she push the girls to go hard in a stand and stop missing counts. She is very well aware that the Dolls and Divas of Compton have different dance styles. Divas of Compton are more hip hop, whereas they do alot of krumping, which is a very well known in the city of Compton, California. Hip Hop Creative was challenging for the dolls. When it comes to Hip Hop, it had to be HIGH ENERGY and in some areas, they have struggled.


Meanwhile at the Dollhouse, Dianna decided to choose the members that can potentially win the Call Out Round in a sweep. She picked the secret weapons Camryn, Canarie, Makaya, Daija, and Kenjinee. Crystianna, after what she did in the call out round last year, was not chosen. Of course, Auntie Rittany, was not too pleased and it drove her to tears. It was Deja Vu from first season when Rittany wanted to jump on Dianna, who had to bring her back down to humility, for not choosing Crystianna to be cut for a certain stand battle. Dianna did not take away the fact that Crystianna is an amazing dancer but when it comes to individual Call Out Battles, she was not ready.


This is a note to parents who have daughters on these dance teams (of any genre). It is very clear that you are all loving and supportive parents. However, MOST of you need to know your lane. When your child is rejected from a certain performance due to their skills, it is up to you to motivate them to work hard to make the cut…Not cuss or fight the coach (I have heard some experiences that were ratchet).

Now it is competition time. The challenge begins. The two rival coaches Dianna and Kehli cross paths in the hallway, which is trash talking involved (the usual). Dear Coach Dianna…it is NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I refuse to call it Nachas (someone said it is Spanish for a bad word but anyways).


Divas of Compton worked hard since the last competition with the Dancing Dolls. They showed it in their Hip Hop Creative Dance. Dianna couldn’t hate. She gave the girls their credits where it was due. She admitted that she was in fact nervous because the girls came there to BRING IT!!!

Dancing Dolls, also they did their thing with their Hip Hop Creative Dance Performance with the use of the Ultimate Secret Weapon….Dianna’s son Colby did his thing…front and center. At the end, the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, MS won the Hip Hop Creative


Let’s talk about this stand battle. I have watched the actual televised episode and saw video clips captured on the day of the competition. The video clips, owned by various users from Facebook and Instagram showed things that did not make the cut for Tv. I wanted to make sure my opinion was not biased because I started Pretty Brown Dancers being inspired by the show. No one likes to see their favorite team lose in a competition. At times, we have to accept the loss and hope they bring it back with the vengeance.

At first thought, I was going to make the determination that Divas of Compton won fair and square. After CAREFULLY looking at the extended clips in both the stand battles and call out rounds, The Dancing Dolls were in fact CHEATED.

Divas of Compton (along with their Baby Divas of Compton) brought on high energy in their stands. It was great that they brought their own style and mixed it up with a majorette style. If there was anything that needed work were their cartwheels, front and back flips because their landings were sloppy. In addition, their formation lines were often out of sync. However, the Baby Divas of Compton did danced their hearts out and gave the Baby Dancing Dolls competition. These girls were able to hold their own and keep up with their older team members. If Divas of Compton clean up their formation lines and gymnastics skill, they will be a BEAST in dance competitions. However, the judges felt that their stand battle were grand enough to award them first place.

It has been a busy month for me and I hope I can write this recaps the day after the episodes aired. Stay tune for Episode 4 this Friday.


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  1. I will. Agree both teams did great. But it is unfair to say the dolls were cheated because that would imply that the Divas did something undehanded or dishonest to win . by definition cheat means
    act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination
    Now. You can say you don’t agree with the judges decision and who they chose that would. Be more accurate

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