This is a very late recap so I will try to get straight to the point.

On Episode 2 of Bring It Season 3B, Kayla is jolly off winning the scrimmage match from last episode. Dianna gave her a side eye but decided to give her bragging rights as well…she taught Kayla everything she knows. With all due respect, Dianna is the one who trained Kayla since her potty training days.

Moving forward in the episode, Neva, the coach of the Dolls’ rival Divas of Olive Branch, requested to challenge the Dancing Dolls in a grudge match. If you have been following the show, Neva and Dianna did not have the best history on and off the show. I have more to say about this at the end of this recap.

Dianna had a goal to finish the war with Neva. However, the Dancing Dolls Parents (DDP) did not agree with it due to the simple fact that the team’s dynamics have changed. Dianna accepted 42 new dolls, most of them are from Birmingham, Alabama, which are 3 hours away. She wanted to include ALL of them, which DDP felt that it was going to be a disadvantage for this particular match. They felt that this was not the time to experiment with new dolls in this grudge match.

I don’t know if this was a staged scene or not, I was not too fond of DDP going to Birmingham Dancing Dolls practice and separating themselves from the rest of other parents who were there by watching from a room that made you sneeze just by looking at it. Furthermore, it cringed my nerves even more when they complained about Dianna using NEW GIRLS in the stands and performances. They must gained the understanding that those NEW GIRLS joined a COMPETITIVE dance team and the team is not just built on THEIR daughters. Unless one of the competitions have TRIO categories, Dianna is going to have to use them one way or the other. I am pretty sure, outside of this show, DDP appreciates Dianna Williams for creating an organization in a town that is surrounded with adversity and obstacles and create opportunities for young black girls.

Fast forward to showtime! It was competition day. Both teams had to do a field show performance and stand battle. Neva was excited and confident because field show is her specialty. Divas of Olive Garden Branch took the stage first twirling their flags, which Dianna criticize. I remember someone commented on my Instagram that Majorettes do twirl flags and batons and are different from Dance Teams. However, Divas of Olive Branch did a wonderful job.

Then it was the attack from the Dancing Dolls, who stepped out in formation and ready for combat with their field show performance. Aside from some timing issues, the girls remain and sync and did a good job.

For the Stand Battle, Divas of Olive Branch, dressed in their shimmery army camofloage, brought their flags and props shaped like TNT Bombs ready to play. Meanwhile, the Dancing Dolls stood in a Buffalo Stance that read “BRING IT! We didn’t come to play with yall”. Both teams dance their hearts out against each other. Dianna and Kayla both join the stand battles and shut the show down.

Check out this Bonus Scene With Camryn performing in a Captain Showdown

At the end, first place in field show went to the Dancing Dolls. First place in the stand battle went to the Dancing Dolls.

You have to give it up to both teams, they both did their damn thing. After this, it is time for Dianna and Neva to end this war. This does not mean they have to become friends. If they want to battle, the way to do it is not with hostility but through the battle grounds of the dance floor.

Enjoy the videos and hopefully the next recap can be in a timely fashion.

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