Pretty Brown Dancers flooded our Instagram timelines promoting the second half of reality show Bring It Season 3B and it started off with a bang.

It began with Miss Dianna coming back fresh from the Battle Royale. If you have been following the show, The Dancing Dolls had a hard time winning the Battle Royale, which is the biggest majorette dance competitions. After all the hard work, The Dancing Dolls of Jackson, Mississippi finally earned a Battle Royale win. However, like Miss Dianna said, a target is on their backs. There are rival dance teams that will be coming for the Blood of Dancing Dolls. This season, Miss Dianna is working on building her army. Not only 16 of the Baby Dancing Dolls are now in the Big Dancing Dolls, but there are 42 more girls who have joined the team at the start of the Summer Season. Not to mention, there are new Dancing Dolls in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Dancing Dolls Parents (DDP) viewing room has been upgraded with trophies, comfortable plush couches, pictures of DD from the past, and a BIGGER flat screen. But the moms was not going to enjoy their first time in the lounge for long because…

The Bright Idea



Miss Dianna had an idea to have a scrimmage stand battle where the Dolls compete against each other under the tutelage of the Coach and Assistant Coach Kayla. The purpose of this battle is to get the new and old girls in shape at a faster speed. Furthermore, is to see how they will look in a competition. In addition, is to see how well Kayla can coach a team. Last season, Kayla’s mother and DDP member, Tina, raised an issue about her daughter not having a lot of responsibilities as an assistant coach. Miss Dianna decided to take heed to this complaint and give Kayla an opportunity to show her capabilities in coaching a team of old girls and new girls. Aside from Tina’s complaint, she listened to Kayla’s goals of wanting to have her team, be a choreographer and entrepreneur. She decided to give her a chance to be on her grind to achieve those goals.

PBD Note: All majorette dance teams, big or small, should have scrimmages because you can review how well the teammates work together; show how well they all can work with a team; their dance, interpersonal, and listening skills.

Coaching Styles: Miss Dianna vs. Kayla


After viewing the scrimmage rehearsals, it was obvious that Miss Dianna and Kayla had different styles of coaching. Miss Dianna has an aggressive and strict style. It is her way to make the girls push themselves to be in a competitive spirit and exhibit more toughness on the dance floor. Now the downside of Miss Dianna’s style could be challenging for some girls, who are not well versed in being competitive (despite seeing this show television) and is unable to handle her demeanor and attitude. Some may have tough skin while others don’t. Sometimes, that can be a downfall that includes losing team members and a bad reputation.

Kayla is reserved. According to what the show editors allow us to see, she had a willingness to teach the old and new girls the routines. Kayla didn’t mind hearing input from other team members because (as she says) they can bring up things that she didn’t think about putting in a dance step. HOWEVER, as a dance coach, it important for her to understand ASSERTIVENESS skills are a must when you are running a team. There is nothing wrong with gaining input from other team members as long as they don’t run over you as a coach.

Twin Underdogs



Star and Sky, the sisters of Sunjai (a former Dancing Doll who is away in college), have had their share of challenges on the team. They have been cut from angles from performances to stand battles. However, on this first episode, both Miss Dianna and Kayla had a great idea of giving them an opportunity to prove themselves as dancers. Miss Dianna felt if the twins separate each other, they can do better, because one go harder than the other. Some viewers might think this was stage because it was coincidental. Whatever the case maybe, this was a great platform to see the twins show what they got. The positive element out of using the twins was that they were happy to have a solo in the battle.


Miss Dianna was serious about this scrimmage. She booked a venue, booked the host Johnny Harrington, and the judges (Diana, Tyrus Sellers who is the director Elite Stars of Nashville, and former Dancing Doll, Kaliyah). Miss Dianna started off with a prayer with her team; Kayla said words of encouragement. The first round, went to Miss Dianna and the second, went to Kayla. The judges pointed out  both of their bests and flaws. Now it was time for the call-out round.

And the winner is…


The Call Out Round of Doll vs. Doll showed more of everything the girls has and this was going to determine the winner. When it comes to picking members of a team…you are to pick the members that are going to help you win. Miss Dianna and Kayla picked the girls that were expected to help them win this battle.

First, there was Daija (Team Kayla) vs. Makayla (Team Miss Dianna). Daija went in for the kill and slammed Makayla who did nothing but froze and did……..nothing. Second.. was Canarie vs. Kejinee, who brought out the tiger with crawls and ended with a split. However, Canarie decided to clapback by taming those tiger crawls by spoofing Kenjinee’s moves and finished it with a death drop. Next was Camryn and Crystianna. Two best friends battling for bragging rights on the dance floor and both finishing with a bang.

The judges decided for the first two parts of the call out round was Kayla’s team. It was good to see the girls put in work to show why they have a spot on the team. This showed Miss Dianna as a good coach beyond the competition. She taught Kayla how to have a good leadership role. She wanted to give her an experience of running a team, especially in large numbers. After this episode, you can say Miss Dianna did a great job and is an inspiration to these girls. Building a team like the Dancing Dolls from the ground up, Miss Dianna has brought prosperity to Jackson, Mississippi.

Next episode is the Dancing Dolls vs. Divas of Olive Branch. If you have been following since Season 1…please note that this will not be a friendly battle. Tune in Next Week

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