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Promotion Information
Our niche involves dance sports with the majority of demographics are adolescent and adult women.
Here are the following businesses accepted are listed below:

Beauty & Skincare Products
Dance Accessories Apparel & Shoes
Events (Auditions, Classes, Competitions, Concerts, and Recitals)
Fashion Boutiques
Studio Rentals

ALERT: There is no cost in having your dance images and video performances featured on our blog and social media platforms. Click here for Submissions!

You must provide the flyers, banners, and text for the advertisement. Failure to do so will delay the posting.

Results can vary for each brand in terms of engagement, impressions, and reach.

Our promos may generate a small profit for the client’s product or followers on their social media.

Below are different purchasing options for advertising.



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PBD Social Media Advertising: Facebook and Instagram Only

Facebook & Instagram Page & Stories

Ads will be placed in our Facebook & Instagram stories along with feed posts for the following packages and will be 1x a day/24 Hours

PBD Social Media Advertising: Feed and Stories

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PBD Dance Event Section