fundraiser2Being enrolled in a Dance Company/Team is expensive with the tuition, classes, performances, travel fees to attend competitions, costumes, and pictures. Big or small, the fees do add up. A lot of dance companies utilized fundraising to keep their costs down and their businesses afloat. That is why they mostly rely on fundraisers that usually consist of selling candy and doing car washes. Sometimes they break even or not at all. But here are FIVE fabulous ideas that will actually bring MONEY and build your local fan base at the same time.


1. Candy, Popcorn and Lemonade Stand

This can work well indoors and outdoors as well at your dance recitals. Be original and make REAL LEMONADE with REAL LEMONS (no drink mixes). Sell 3 different types of popcorn; Regular, Kettle, and Caramel. For the regular popcorn, you are able to rent a popcorn machine. What will be a HUGE SELLER, if your company/team sells vintage candy along with the others. You can purchase candy jars at your local Dollar store or find them for sale at Party City, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore. Decorate your booth in with pomp and sparkles and VOILA! People will flock to your booth and bring in money for your company/team. 

2. Host a Themed Party


The most popular themed party is a Halloween party because everyone can dress in costumes.  It does not have to be as glamorous as the picture above (lol). Plus, there can be a small performance given by your dance company. You can sell tickets and have a fancy water and juice bar. You can do different theme parties to host for your local community to enjoy. Find more ideas on Pinterest.


3. Sell Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are easy to make and sell, especially around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, you can still make money for your dance company/team all year around. You can easily sell these outdoors and online through the use of Social Media and Online Stores like Etsy.


4. Original Bake Sale

Here is what consists of a BAKE SALE. It’s where someone actually BAKES IT IN THEIR OVEN. A bake sale is not selling pre-made goods such as getting a cake from Costco or Sam’s Club, cutting the slices and then selling them. That is misleading. However, if you have a talented baker on staff or know someone that does, make it work. Make your packaging fabulous and glamorous to sell it to the potential customer. You want people to BUY your baked good…but you also want it to taste as good as it looks. 

5. GoFundMe


GoFundMe can work if people will know how to use it correctly. On your GofundMe Account, you can post pictures and videos of your dance team, talk about their accomplishments and why doing this campaign is important. You can advertise your GoFundMe link for your dance company on your social media pages; through your Candy/Popcorn/Lemonade Stand; Themed Parties; business cards when you sell your gift baskets.

There you have it. I gave five fundraising ideas that can make accomplish financial goals for dance companies/teams. They can be successful if time and effort is put into this objective to raise money for the participants and keep the dance business afloat.

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