Dancing Dolls of Jackson, MS

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. It is evident through the likes receive on social media profiles. For Dance Companies, having pictures and videos of their talents is a must because it markets their organization. It makes their followers want to see more.

PrettyBrownDancers.com handpicked 24 beautiful dance portraits that dance companies can use for inspiration in their social media profiles and websites.

Inspiration 1: Ballerinas On Pointe

This is a good inspiration for dance companies who specializes in ballet classes and wants to market them on their social media.

Inspiration 2: Photos of Dance Techniques

Having photos (or videos) of your dancers doing different dance techniques learned from your studio is a great form of advertisement.

Inspiration 3: Fierce Formation

Photos of your dancers in formation along with popular hashtags will can possibly go viral


Inspiration 4: Professional Portraits

Professional Portraits of dancers from the Dance Company with a well skilled photographer elevates the branding


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